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Aurélie and Verioca

"Aurélie and Verioca have gone behind the mirrors. They are no longer completely French, nor completely Brazilian. They are something other than the addition of two cultures. Make no mistake about it.
Go ahead, listen. Listen...
That which resonates or which whispers, which slams or which coils, which chants or which caresses, which sculpts or
which polishes, it is music, the truth, the carnal, the pepper and the honey, the man and the woman, the laughter and the sigh. There is nothing counterfeit. You can scratch, nothing flakes. It is quite simply cast in the game, in the batida, in the balanço. Word and note games, samba batida, balanço da bossa.
Aurélie and Verioca are an aerial bridge, an underground river that unites Brazil and France. They are not the daughters of two nations. As Cendrars wrote, they are citizens of the world.
And their music is its anthem, free and without borders. "

Jean-Paul DELFINO, author of nine novels on the history of Brazil (Ed. Le Passage)

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Artists based in France.

Availability : all year round (contact us)

Line up :

Aurélie: Voice, percussions
Verioca: Guitar, voice, percussion, vocal percussion, cavaquinho

they programmed them

Studio de l'Ermitage (Paris), Le Jam (Montpellier), La Cité de la musique (Marseille), Festival Forte Latino (Montrond-les-Bains), Center Culturel Jean Vilar (Lannester), Les Internationales de la Guitare 2016, Le Forum Léo Ferré, Petit Bain (Paris), Sesc Tijuca (Rio de Janeiro), Sesc Ipiranga (São Paulo), Centro de referência da Música Carioca (Rio de Janeiro), Projeto Sesc Samba e choro na Praça (Minas Gerais), Franco-Mozambican Cultural Center (Mozambique), Les Trois Baudets (Paris) ...

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