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Maloya / Reunion Island

Led by its charismatic leader Olivier Araste, the Reunionese group Lindigo has been playing maloya towards Madagascar since 1999, rooted in the heritage of the past, but also resolutely contemporary.


Bedouin Burger

Electro folk / Lebanon - Syria

Lynn Adib flirts with jazz and Arabic music with insolence; her voice betrays her Bedouin nature and invites the most sedentary souls to travel.

Zeid Hamdan, the "Pope of underground music in the Middle East" has given a new generation a taste for Arabic music with his own tasty productions.


Guiss Guiss Bou Bess

Guiss Guiss Bou Bess

Afro-electro / Senegal - France

Guiss Guiss Bou Bess is a window to the young Dakar scene. The duo - made up of Senegalese Mara Seck and French
Stéphane Costantini - is supported by the virtuoso percussion of Aba Diop. They merge the rhythms and songs of sabar with global bass culture; electro-sabar is born.

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Kin'Gongolo Kiniata 

Electro funk / Congo

In the heart of rebel Kinshasa, many unusual music groups are emerging, Kin'gongolo Kiniata is THE current group not to be missed. The five artists captivate us with a music that blends into electro, which borders on rock n'roll and which caresses the rhythms of the country in the Congolese way.


Ignacio Maria Gomez

Acoustic Folk / Argentina

A nomadic and enchanting musician, Ignacio introduces us to his inner world, his purest inspiration. He brings together the South American continent with the African continent, and imagines the divine language of a new musical Pangea.

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Macky Sow

A unique treasure / Guinea

Born in 1959, into a family of great Fulani musicians from Koundara, Macky is a treasure of Guinean music. His musical signature lies in his compositions, his unique way of accompanying himself on the guitar, his singing sometimes low then rising to the treble, tearing his voice without complex.  He writes in different dialects poignant and funny philosophical nursery rhymes from his region. Its strength and authenticity suggest a contagious debut album.

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Chico Correa & Jessica Caitano

Rap Repent / Brazil

“Rapping on a sacred beat. It is said that rap was invented in New York in the 70s, but they have been practicing it in Brazil for more than 200 years with the rhythmic singing of the embolada from Nordeste and the strength of Afro-religious percussion. » DJ Mukambo

Senny Camara

Senny Camara

Singing Ouest-Africain et Kora / Sénégal

The mixture of colors is also that of the times, as Senny's voice takes us to the lands of the ancient Serer kingdoms, people of southern Senegal.


FlexFab & Ziller Low

Electro Rap / Switzerland - Kenya

Swiss electronic music producer FlexFab and Kenyan rapper Ziller Bas are joining forces for a new project: MUGOGO!

CLEMENT & ADAMA_edited.jpg

Clement Janinet & Adama Sidibe

Jazz World / France - Mali

In 2020 Clément Janinet goes to Bamako to meet Adama Sidibe, the last professional Sokou player in Mali. From their meeting was born a repertoire, “Concerto for Sokou”.


Pachi site.jpg


An acoustic, explosive and generous trance, a great message of humanity delivered by musicians who are not very wise, therapeutic and medicinal music, which releases shackles, and breaks down borders... A virtuoso explosion of creativity and sounds, open to all winds!

Rasine An Flèr


Rasine an fler est une création mais aussi une composition chorégraphique et musicale entre maloya et hip hop, entre danse et chants traditionnels réunionnais d’un côté et modernité de la culture urbaine de l’autre.


Space Galvachers & Olivyé: LOSWAR

“The music of Space Galvachers accompanied by Olivyé (Lindigo) has the effect of reminiscent of an ancestral collective unconscious. They captivate us from start to finish, whether in a completely seated acoustic version or in a festive electro-acoustic version.

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