She: In her nomadic life, jazz and Arab music flirt with insolence, her compositions and her voice betray her Bedouin nature and invite the most sedentary souls to travel.  

Him: He has been nicknamed the "Pope of underground music in the Middle East". He has been able to restore a taste for Arab music to a whole generation with tasty productions that are the only secret.

Lynn Adib and Zeid Hamdan have decided to combine their talents through their new project "Bedouin Burger".

With 2 auto tracks produced in June 2020, the group immediately interested PopArabia, the Middle East branch of the American label Reservoir. The group signed a production contract with them in March 2021. The first singles are slated for release in September 2021. 

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Arab World Institute, Paris  

Trianon, Paris

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Workforce, Paris, France

Club Sedel, Switzerland 

Bogen F, Zurich, Switzerland 

Kazern, Basel, Switzerland

Arab World Institute, Paris, France

Meyzan, Beirut , Lebanon