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​Two words, two worlds. Right in between, there is a duo who refuses to choose, who grabs everything they can play. 
The reference to the Bedouins comes from her, from her memories of holidays in Syrian villages. “When I was little, there were often Bedouins who came. They were just passing through, the time to play music for parties and weddings. It has always touched me, this music from the earth, played on traditional instruments. For me, it is music from the origins”.
To update this past, the young woman, trained in a choir in Damascus and then passed through the Paris Conservatory, found in Zeid Hamdan a partner of choice. With Soapkills, his first group, this producer allowed Arab music to change centuries, delicately immersing it in the new electro-pop. For Bedouin Burger, he invents new rhythms, crunchy and crackling, tending towards trance, above which floats the diaphanous voice of Lynn.

Their playground is endless. “We want to fulfill childhood dreams and go beyond music,” reveals Lynn. 

They programmed them

Workforce, Paris, France

Club Sedel, Switzerland 

Bogen F, Zurich, Switzerland 

Kazern, Basel, Switzerland

Arab World Institute, Paris, France

Meyzan, Beirut , Lebanon  


Artists based in Paris

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