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With 7 albums and several awards to their credit ("  Best Samba Band  »In 2010 and in 2017 by the Brazilian Music Prize), Casuarina, a true icon of the new generation of samba carioca, is a group constantly in movement and renewal  !

After 16 years of existence in  quintet, the group starts a new period with the  departure of Joao Cavalcanti, who continues his solo adventure.  Carried by the voice of Gabriel Azevedo,  Casuarina  celebrates their new formation with the release of the single "  Eta Lelê "(Serginho Meriti / Claudemir) in December 2017, and the preparation of a new album"  +100  ”(Biscoito Fino) in 2018.

Their concerts inject a good dose of dynamism into the brilliant samba anthology  of their repertoire and perpetuate a genre that has always been present in the rich history of Brazilian music.

The new generation of samba composers will be in the spotlight and the group will be on tour to defend their 8th opus in Europe!

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Artists based in Brazil

Line up

Gabriel Azevedo /  percussion, vocals

Daniel Montes /  seven string guitar
João Fernando /
  mandolin, choirs
Rafael Freire /
  cavaquinho, choirs

+ 2 percussionists based in France

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they programmed them

Lincoln Center / New York, USA

Brasil Summer Fest / New York, USA

Ile de France Festival / Paris, France

Forde Traditional and World Music Festival / Forde, Norway

Festival Nuit d'Afrique / Montreal, Canada

Sommarscen / Malmö, Sweden

World Music Festival / Penang, Malaysia

Druga Godba Festival / Ljubljana, Slovenia

Skopje Fest / Skopje, North Macedonia

Antique Theater / Vienne, France

Festival Latino Americando / Milan, Italy

International Music Festival / Besançon, France

Jazz in Oloron / Oloron Sainte Marie, France

International Music Meeting Festival / Nijmegen, Netherlands

New Morning / Paris, France

Cabaret Sauvage / Paris, France

Studio l'Ermitage / Paris, France

6th Continent Festival / Lyon, France

Festival Radio France / Montpellier, France

Festival Aux Heures d'Eté / Nantes, France

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