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ChicoCorrea &

Jéssica caitano

“ChicoCorrea's work is the combination of a deep understanding of Afro-Brazilian rhythms and traditions and an equally deep affinity for beats and textures. Instead of forcing the richness of ancestral rhythms into a sterile bass drum pattern on the downbeats, he goes much further, respecting the original rhythmic cells and melodies, but pushing sounds and timbres towards new, fantastic and unexplored territories. . ChicoCorrea's music is cultural resistance and innovation at the same time. "

Maga Bo (Kafundó Records)

Jéssica Caitano is a multi-talented artist: singer, songwriter, rapper, coconut singer, percussionist, poet, slammer, educator and activist. She was born in Triunfo, a legendary city of the repentant improvisers of the Nordeste located in the mountains of the Brazilian state of Pernambuco. In a duet with producer ChicoCorrea, she embarks on a project that accentuates her poetic brilliance, in an aggressive flow that leads to empowerment. Her personal story is that of the woman of the Brazilian Northeast, in her struggle and connection with the land, the coco de roda and other local popular manifestations. Her performance is festive and upbeat, but without lacking in meaning: the party is also a moment of awareness. By mixing popular culture with urban beats, Jéssica highlights ancestrality and contemporaneity in a surprising stage performance.


Artist based in Brazil.

Availability : Contact us.

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They programmed them

Semana Internacional de Música de São Paulo (BR), Les Escales de Saint-Nazaire (FR),

La Bellevilloise (FR), 

Europalia (BE),

Quai Branly Museum (FR),

Bee Flat (CH),

Med Festival (PT),

Red Bull (BR),

Mundial Festival (NL).

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