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Fernando delPapa

The French public, especially Parisians, have always felt a certain tenderness for the musical prophecies of this proud Brazilian cultural agitator.


Emblematic figure of a Portuguese-speaking revival in the capital for fifteen years, Fernando delPapa, renowned cavaquinist, has brought new and rhythmic sound, positive and harmonious energy, an innovative register far from the clichés of flashy Brazil.

Arrived in Paris at the age of twenty, he has continued to multiply within numerous groups, including Roda do Cavaco or Orquesta do Fubá, haunting volutes or themes including forró, samba roda or funk.


He also associated his name with that of an international circus company Morosof, for which he created the musical envelope. In addition to its atypical approach, there are collaborations with artists such as Vincent Segal, Mayra Andrade, Fabiana Cozza and André Minvielle.

To watch

Artist based in France.

Line up

Fernando delPapa /  voice, cavaquinho, tenor guitar

Rafael Paseiro /  bass and double bass

Matthieu Guillemant /  7 string guitar

Inor Sotolongo /  percussion

Adriano DD or Zé Luis Nascimento /  percussion

They programmed it

Summer Festival / Cenon, France,

Les Guitares de Villeurbanne Festival / Villeurbanne, France,

Guitar Travel Festival / Chinon, France,

Studio de l'Ermitage / Paris, France.

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