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João Cavalcanti

Subtle and expressive singer, sensitive and careful author, meticulous and fruitful composer, João Cavalcanti was one of the most inventive instigators of the revival of the samba carioca, first of all  alongside his ex-partners of the group  Casuarina, and now in a very successful and respected solo career.

(...) Lenin's son is not only the most requested author of his generation, but also one of the most admired composers of all generations. (Folha de S. Paulo)

With his new EP "  Samba Mobiliado * ”, he delivers a work recorded live, in the form of an intimate concert where he reveals the deep expression of a swaying lyricism.

* A "furnished" samba, like a living room where each element of decoration has been carefully chosen.

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Artist  based in Brazil

Line up

João Cavalcanti /  voice


solo as a "special guest" of samba rodas,  or training up to quintet:

lead vocals

brazilian mandolin

acoustic guitar



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