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Just winner of the 6th Indian Ocean Music Prize, Kaloune is making a place for herself among the singular voices of Reunion. Between prayer, declamation and song, somewhere on the border between these different modes of expression, KALOUNE builds a new Reunionese word, able to bring the memory of which his writing is the bearer to today's consciousness. . Because this young artist is first and foremost an author, a poet tackling themes such as women, history and spirituality.


Accompanied by a mbira, an instrument of trance ceremonies in Zimbabwe, she speaks on stage her musical poetry which sweeps the vast field of Creole identity, and invents a contemporary and original orality.


KALOUNE reconnects with its African origins and is part of an experimental journey.

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Artist based in Réunion

Availability : contact us.

Line up :

Kaloune: mbira kalimba, loop, cowbells 
Jako Maron: machines, electronic music

they programmed it

Sakifo festival, Indian Ocean Music Prize, City of Arts, La Cerise, Manapany Surf Festival

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