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Street Punk Rumba 

This unusual group was created in the heart of rebel Kinshasa.The five artists captivate us with an urban sound that blends into electro, which borders on rock n'roll and which caresses the rhythms of the country in the Congolese way.

Their electro-live music electrifies the public with their instruments created in a traditional way from recycled materials as well as their atypical dancers. With this subtle mix of sounds married to texts written by Lebrin, Kin'gongolo Kiniata is the group from Kinshasa not to be missed.

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To watch
Video > Live for KEXP @ Transmusicales de Rennes

Artists based in Kinshasa

Line up (5)

- Lebrino : singer

- Mille Baguettes : singer, drummer

- Ducap : singer, percussionist, tamtam

- Juno Bass : singer, bass player

- Bébé Mingé : drummer, tele-drums, guitarist

Note * The artists also create their own instruments, made of cans, plates, metals, plastic bottles etc...

Their first dates

06/17/2022 - Jazz Kiff (Kinshasa) / DRC

08/12/2022 - Les Transmusicales Festival (Rennes) / FR

09/12/2022 - Staccato - Miramont-de-Guyenne / FR

08/10/2022 - FestivitiesAfricacolor(Paris) / FR

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