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Lindigo is one of the most popular groups in Reunion Island and maloya, the music of slaves long banned. The formation embodies a very funky succession of this traditional music. The Lindigo Connexion project was born out of the desire to bring together on stage some of the artists who have worked with Lindigo over the past ten years. Among them, the metropolitan Yarol Poupaud, the Angolan Pongo, the dean of Reunion Island René Lacaille, Jori and Gino (founders of Skip & Die) and Fixi in the artistic direction.

This project is orchestrated by the De Concert federation! and supported by Adami.

To watch
They programmed them

Canal + live / France
Sakifo Festival / France

The Guests of Villeurbanne / France

Old Plows Festival / France

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Artists based in Réunion & Europe

Line up

Olivier Araste /  lead vocals, kabosy, accordion

Fixi / accordion, keyboards
Yarol Poupaud / guitar, vocals
Pongo / singing
René Lacaille / accordion, guitar, vocals

Jori Collignon / Mao
Gino Bombrini / saz, percussion, bass, vocals
Aldo Araste /
  piker, balafon, choirs
Frédéric Madia /
  conga, ngoni, choirs
Lauriane Marceline /
  singing, kayamb
Valery Servan /
  roulèr, choirs

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