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A songwriter from West Africa
Born in 1963, Macky Sow is originally from Koundara in Guinea. This small town has been at the crossroads of the cultures of Senegal, Guinea Bissau and Mali for centuries.

Grandson of Ibrahim Sow and nephew by marriage of M'bady Kouyaté, Macky has worked for more than 30 years within these two families to pass on his knowledge (he is part of the second generation to have traded the Kora for a guitar). He has taught several generations the classical repertoires of the griots and the codes of the so-called variety music such as the Afro-Cuban standards.

His first album co-produced by Hélico and Beyt Music, a young label co-directed by the Lebanese musician Zeid Hamdan, will be released for his 60th birthday by Hélico in October 2022.  The 11 titles to come are composed in the different languages of his region (Fadyaranké, Peul, Madinko and Coniagui ...). The lyrics of his songs are part of his success. He draws up poignant and funny portraits to be discovered on the international airwaves in 2023.
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Artiste basé en Guinée

Line up (3)

- Macky Sow guitare + lead

- Percussions et choeurs
- Basse et choeurs

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