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Marcos Sacramento

His first album, released in France by Buda Musique, was hailed by Le Monde as the “best Brazilian record of the year”. A remarkable entry into the world of MPB, the "Música Popular Brasileira", a swirling galaxy where the singer has shone for a little over twenty years. The milky radiance of his voice and his sense of rhythm, both relaxed and rigorous, have earned him a perfectly justified reputation as a sensitive performer.

The charismatic Carioca distinguished himself in a classical repertoire by taking up titles from Vinicius de Moraes, the author of La Garota de Ipanema, or from Cartola, the founder of the Mangueira samba school, but also knows how to appeal to his contemporaries (Paulo Baiano, Luiz Flavio Alcofra ...) or sign his own texts.

Marcos Sacramento Square is definitely among the stars ...

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Artist based in Brazil

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