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Orquestra do Fubá

Quem Mandô? (June 2006)

Helicopter / Other Distribution

Press extracts

"The Orchestra do Fubá is one of the most beautiful Brazilian surprises: forged in Sao Paulo, the group has established itself on the roads of France.

If “Quem Mandô? "Opens an invitation to wear down the ballroom floors, the album gives pride of place to other compositions (...)" -  Sandrine Teixido, Vibrations

“Recorded in São Paulo,“ Quem Mandô? ”Itches from head to toe, with an original repertoire including a cover of Boris Vian's Lament for Progress.

- Dominique Queillé,  Release

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"Creative, readily adopting violin and accordions in their compositions, the combo enriches this semi-traditional music with pop sounds and ingenuous percussions ... Among their titles, pieces on vagrancy, prejudices, the magic of dreams and travel"

- Benjamin Jérôme, The Parisian

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