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OYA  is a fledgling group led by the mystical Franco-Brazilian singer Luiza.


After many featurings (Mahom,  Khoe Wa, Balaphonik Sound System, and many more to come), OYA  is born in Reunion following his meeting with the producer, MC and accordionist Poussin (The Fat Bastard GangBand, Steel Alive ...) giving life to a fusion between the Dub / Hip-Hop universe of the producer and his World influences , ethnic and colorful.


Close your eyes, OYA  takes you on a pilgrimage to the stars populating the imagination of the white witch Luiza, put into orbit by her solar voice and her mysterious and bewitching dialect.

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Artists based in France


Luiza /  singing

Chick /  MAO, MC, accordion

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they programmed them

Cafe de la Danse / Paris / France

Playful Chance / Paris / France

Kilowatt Dub Festival / Vitry sur Seine / France

Trad'In Festival /  Embrun / France

Au Coin de la Vigne Festival  /  Bedarieux  / France

Ribouldingue Festival / La Chapelle au Riboul / France

Student Spring / Toulouse / France

Rastaf'Entray Festival /  Entraygues-sur-Truyère / France

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