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The Pachibaba group was formed in 2016 around three musicians, as rooted in their arts as free electrons in love with the calls of the sea. They have since forged their original language, inevitably explosive.

The first is none other than Olivier Araste, leader of the Reunionese group Lindigo, who carries high the flame of his maloya, born to slaves, the song of the drums, ancestral incantations, the pulse of his island… He exports this heart to four corners of the globe, conjugates it in the present, adorns it with other colors, during collaborations with Skip & Die, La Yegros or Zoufris Marakas.

The second ? Fixi, the unbridled accordion, keyboard-pillar of Tony Allen, crazy swinger of the group Java, half of a sunny duet with Winston McAnuff, makes his piano with straps sing like hell, “musette” base, polychrome branches… As for the third , we heard his shamanic rhythms resonate, his magic wands alongside the singer M. Eccentric half of the brilliant duo Bumcello, he also diffuses his tribal pulsations within CongopunQ: Cyril Atef, master of the afro groove, launches dangerously contagious rhythmic formulas.

Pachibaba: a big dose of Maloya in the center, around which come to gravitate in the disorder of the dub, the afrobeat, the cumbia and even (even obviously) of the waltz!

To watch

Artists based in Réunion and France

Line up

Olivier Araste /  lead vocals, kabosy, accordion
Aldo Araste /
  piker, balafon, choirs
Frédéric Madia /
  djembe, ngoni, choirs
Lauriane Marceline /
  singing, kayamb
Fixi /
  chromatic accordion, keyboards

Cyril Atef /  percussion, thumb piano, sample, vocals

They programmed them

Le Palaxa / Saint Denis, Reunion

Babel Med / Marseille, France

Les Suds in Arles / Arles, France

Le Plan / Ris Orangis, France

IOMMA / Saint Pierre, Reunion

Le Kerveguen / Saint Pierre, Reunion

A Monkey in Summer / Mayenne, France

La Boule Noire / Paris, France

Le Grand Soufflet / Rennes, France

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