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Rasine an flèr

Rasine an fler is a creation but also a choreographic and musical composition between maloya and hip hop, between dance and traditional songs from Reunion on one side and modernity of urban culture on the other.

Dance and music thus mingle to pay homage to traditions while showing the creative force they allow through an intergenerational and multidisciplinary cultural exchange. It is a real meeting of the arts, a Hip Hop dance show playing with the different aesthetics resulting from the mixing of cultures.

Rasine an Flèr says what we are: one, from the plural. Respect your past, live your present to build your future because if the tree flowers, it is thanks to everything that has been transmitted to it by its roots.

This hybrid show, carried by the choreographer Julia “Funky J” Ortola” and the Reunionese singer Olivier Araste features a team of universal inspiration offering a fresh look at urban cultures and the Indian Ocean which is aimed at all the generations.

Video teaser 2023
Line up

Funky J - danseuse & chorégraphe
Olivier Araste - chant maloya & directeur musical

Anne sophie Rica - danseuse
Goku - danseur
Joël Elysée Konan - danseur
Lauriane Marceline - percussions, choeurs et danse
Aldo Araste - percussion, choeurs, danse
Alaza - rap
Nicko Real Lion - rap

Nine - rap & production musical
Nikooo prod - production musical


Artists based in Réunion & around Paris


Pré-configuration : sept-décembre 22 / La Réunion
Résidence 1 : mars 23 - La Cité des Arts / La Réunion

Résidence 2 : mai 23 - La Place & Le Plan / Paris et Ris Orangis

3 juin 2023 : Le Plan / Ris Orangis

7 juin 2023 : La Place / Paris

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