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Created by the cream of Cuban musicians based in  France,  Rumbabierta brings popular neighborhoods from  Havana and Matanzas la  Cuban rumba, motivated by nostalgia and the desire to live in  France the rumbas of their native country.

This port music invented by slaves and  their descendants is the driving force and inspiration of the group which makes each of their concert a  event, where singing, drums, dancing and an expression mingle  happy with the passing of time.

The particularity of the project of the collective and masters of the genre,  Rumbabierta,  is to have introduced the bass to their training. The meeting with the rhythms and  traditional rumba instruments, forge a link with the elegant playing and  jazzy from bassist Felipe Cabrera. 

Rumbabierta brings together on stage masters of traditional Cuban Rumba and musicians from the Afro-Cuban jazz scene.

The group juggles between compositions and traditional pieces,  offering  a colorful and authentic repertoire. They have already shared the set with renowned artists  such as Alfredo Rodriguez, Jerry Gonzales or Anga Diaz, without forgetting their collaboration and record with the jazzman  and saxophonist  French Julien Lourau!

Cuban Rumba is synonymous today with celebration and reunion. Happy are those who  dare to cheer on this very swaying dance!

"  The rumba is  the most sublime art to entertain the soul ”, sing the  Cuban rumberos !!!

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Artists based in France

Line up

Javier Campos Martinez / percussion, vocals

Abraham Mansfarrol / percussion, backing vocals

Felipe Cabrera / bass, backing vocals

Onilde Gomez Valon / lead vocals, dance

Sebastian Quezada / lead vocals, percussion

Alisvey Portuondo / percussion

Pedro Barios / kata, choirs

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