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Senny camara

Song and Kora from Senegal

Music, with Senny Camara, is above all a story of strings. Those of her kora - traditionally reserved for men - which she has made an ally to fulfill herself as an artist, but also as a woman. Insubordinate, free and pugnacious, Senny Camara shares many points in common with her women-totems: Nina Simone, Joséphine Baker, Chimamanda Ngozie Adichie, but also the Guinean musician Mahawa Kouyaté, morello cherry and queen of the kora, who remains for her a real source of inspiration.

Today, Senny Camara unveils BOOLO, the unit in Wolof, a first EP which again proves that time bears fruit for those who know how to wait for the right season to pick them. In BOOLO, Senny Camara is authentic thanks to a supple voice, giving amplitude to his kora by combining it with Thierry Fournel's guitar, Bakary Diarra's flexibility on the balafon and Pierre's deep double bass. -Yves Le Jeune.

Sensitive strings according to which Senny Camara calls for balance, unity, living together and solidarity on “Boolo”. On “Dialé”, Senny sends his condolences to those whom migration too often deprives of a loved one. Senny sings love stronger than reason on “Yone wy” and the one we do not choose on “Bim Bam”, an intimate rereading of a traditional song, in the form of a mother-daughter conversation, to denounce forced marriage . Finally, “Talibé” underlines everyone's responsibility for the education of the youngest, pillars of change.

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Artist based in France

Senny Camara /  singing, kora

Thierry Fournel  /  guitar

Bakary Diarra /  balafon

Honoré Kouadia /  percussion

Pierre Yves The Younger /  bass

1st EP "Senny Camara"  ( Nov 2020)
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