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Clément Janinet & Adama Sidibé



In 2020 Clément Janinet went to Bamako to meet Adama Sidibe, the last professional Sokou player in Mali. From their meeting was born a repertoire, "Concerto for Sokou". The album to be released by Hélico is enriched with Mandingo touches with the presence of the singer Mah Demba, heiress of the griotic culture and the djely ngoni player Badjé Tounkara, long time companion of Ballaké Sissoko.

Clément Janinet 

A disciple of Didier Lockwood since the age of 14, Clément Janinet entered the Jazz Department of the Conservatoire National Supérieur de Paris, from which he graduated with a 1st prize. Since 2016, he devotes himself to his own projects, to the trio Spaces Galvachers and multiplies meetings and collaborations with various musicians like Olivier Araste (Lindigo), Lova Lova, Etienne Mbappé, Ray Lema, Adama Drame. Fascinated by African and South American music, he works on his violin to develop the tessitura and rhythms of this music.

Adama Sidibé
He started playing music with the Djourou Kelen, accompanying the family herd on foot from the age of 7, from the north of Mali to the Ivory Coast. He started learning the Sokou when he was a teenager.

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Clément Janinet : violins
Adama Sidibe : sokou
Clément Petit : cello
Hugues Mayot : clarinets
Joachim Florent : double bass

SOKOU FINAL_edited.png
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