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Space Galvachers

Space Odyssey & Terran Jazz

More than a trio, Space Galvachers is a small collective of musicians-composers gathered around a common culture, improvisation, and a popular vision of music.

The trio's vocation is to be a platform to welcome artists and various formats, is the result of a sound research whose goal and faculty are to re-register naturally in the various influences from which it comes. Thus, the projects of the Space Galvachers collective will navigate from contemporary to urban without ever cutting back on its unique approach.

This approach, Clément Janinet, Clément Petit and Benjamin Flament have been shaping it for more than ten years. They crossed paths in projects ranging from improvised music to traditional music (Radiation 10, Le Banquet, Ze Jam Afan, Ray Lema, Duo Flament-Janinet, Richard Bona, Olivier Araste, Rido Bayonne, Simon Winse ...) and engaged in a personal approach to develop a sound and a singular play on their respective instruments: They work on the development of original instrumental techniques, which they mix with the “preparation” of their instruments and with electro-acoustic treatment. Benjamin Flament took the experience to the point of handcrafting a percussive instrument made from metals.

Space Galvachers was born spontaneously from the association of their work on sound and improvisation, with their common appetite for popular music.

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Next dates

Project / BOOM-BOOM

05/08/2021  The Brotherhood / Saint-Claude


Project / LO SWAR 

Album with Olivier Araste (Lindigo) to be released in 2021 by Hélico


Artists based in France



Benjamin Flament  / percussion
Clement Janinet
  / violin, fx

Clement Petit  /  cello, fx

Adrian Bourget / sound, electronics

The creations: 

Brazza Zero Kilometer

Lo Swar feat. Olivier Araste (LiNDiGo)

Boom Boom  

1st album "Sounds of Brelok"
(Green Lab / Nov 2020)
They programmed them

Periscope / Lyon, France

Festival at Vaulx Jazz / Lyon, France

Detours de Babel Festival / Grenoble, France

Africolor Festival / Saint Denis, France

Festival Bars en Trans / Rennes, France

D'Jazz Nevers Festival "Bout'chou" / Never, France

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