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Tiganá Santana

Singer, songwriter, guitarist, born in the Afro-Brazilian city of Salvador in Bahia, Tiganá Santana excels in talent both in music and in his career as a philosopher and researcher.


African ancestry and culture inspire the music of this multilingual artist, the first Brazilian artist to sing and compose in African languages such as Kikongo and Kimbundu from Angola and Congo. His pen and his voice are also practiced, with the same brio, in the sounds of his native Portuguese language, in Spanish or even in English, or French.


If he is often called "the Brazilian Nick Drake", it is certainly thanks to his very intimate universe and his warm and hoarse voice.

His 4th album "Vida-Código" will be released in Europe in March 2020 by the Swedish label Ajabu!  and reveals a side more "songs" of the composer.

Directed by Sebastian Notini, Swedish residing in Brazil, the new titles of Tiganá Santana expand the already magical repertoire of this incredible artist.


We will find him on tour in 2020-2021 in Europe, on stage as a solo, duo, trio or quartet with the integration of Leonardo Mendes on guitar.


Artist based in Brazil

Line up

Tigana Santana / vocals, guitar
Sebastian Notini / percussion
Andreas Unge / double bass

Leonardo mendes  / guitar

To watch
To listen
They programmed it

Quai Branly Museum / Paris, France

Babel Med Music / Marseille, France

Banlieues Bleues Festival / Pantin, France

Cully Jazz Festival / Bourg-en-Lavaux, Switzerland

Atlantic Music Expo / Praia, Cape Verde

Jazz sous les Pommiers / Coutances, France

Jazz in La Défense / Puteaux, France

Jazz in Vienne / Vienne, France

Les Suds in Arles / Arles, France

The Nights of the South / Vence, France

No Border Festival / Brest, France

Sfinks / Molenveld, Belgium

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