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Yamandu Costa

Born in Passo Fundo, Rio Grande do Sul, Yamandu Costa started playing guitar at the age of seven with his father Algacir Costa, leader of the musical group “Os Fronteiriços” (Les Frontaliers). He perfected his skills with Lucio Yanel, an Argentinian virtuoso living in Brazil. Until the age of fifteen, his only school was regional music from southern Brazil, Argentina and Uruguay.

All of his interpretations seem to reinvent music. Thanks to its privacy  with his guitar, a kind of magic  penetrates the soul.

Yamandu plays choro (the classic 1920s samba) and bossa nova. He is also a "gaucho" who loves milongas, tangos, zambas and chamamés and still others.  rhythms that are part of its regional culture.

Guitarist and composer who does not belong in any musical current, he is a mixture of all these currents, creating at the same time by his astonishing personality and his guitar with seven strings his own style.

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Artist based in Portugal

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Yamandu Costa / 7-string guitar

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