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Damily disque Ela La

Ela lia

In the semi-desert bush of Madagascar, the Tsapiky revives the desire for existence, it is the blood, the pulse of an arid land, it is the cement that unites bodies and souls, which guides to happiness, which makes the picnic in the solitude of immensities. Its origin would come from Africa, from the dawn of time. He is now electrified to scream even more. It is untamed music just as the South is indomitable, this land of free men, where this unique, joyful and faint-hearted sound resonates, coming to challenge infinite destitution. Cry of love steeped in tenderness and violence, repetitive act.
- Jean-Claude Mouyon (Extract from the Roman Vrac, Trilogy, Malagasy Library, 2007)


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Pan African Music:  (December 2019 / The 100 best albums of the 2010s!)

"After his cassettes produced and recorded in Madagascar, Ela lia is the second disc of guitarist Damily and his four accomplices produced and recorded in France. Originally from the south of the island, Damily is a master of this game which consists of launching a musical train at full speed in the bush without the passengers, listeners or dancers ever knowing when it will stop. -western Malagasy, where you can hear the echoes of South African basses. Ela lia gives pride of place to this hectic rhythm (listen to the track "Nahoda"!) but also to ballads that highlight the deep and moving voices of his troop ".

-  Vladimir Cagnolari 

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Lylo: "a joyfully salutary trance."

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Mondomix : "Damily? A broken, chopped groove, which would nevertheless make a one-legged dance"

Frootsmag: "They are the real deal, nothing watered down or smoothed out for european sensibilities"


Trad Mag: "This record is the fruit of humble and captivating work, always serious even if Damily likes the collective party. It is a dancing machine which wants to move in all virtuosity, while preserving its tradition and its musical independence. If you see Damily programmed in France, take advantage, it's a unique and rare moment. "

- Caroline Barray

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