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The Damily group, originally from southwestern Madagascar (Tulear), does Tsapiky. Young, the style was born at the end of the 1980s from the meeting of village traditions and African music (Mozambique, Congo ...).

In bass-drums-guitar training, it is a call to get out of its hinges, to forget the harsh daily reality in Madagascar.

These five musicians, led by virtuoso guitarist Damily, get along to build fast-tempo music, irresistibly dancing arrangements, which speak to everyone with the same obviousness. In bass-drums-guitar training, Damily and his band guarantee an energized atmosphere, nourished by twenty years of concerts.

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Artists based in Madagascar

Line up

Damily /  guitar, voice
Gany Gany /
  voice, langoro
Kolody /
Rakapo /
  bass, voice
Naivo /
  drums, katsa

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