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Set Sela (December 2019)

Helicopter / Other Distribution

Modernizing a traditional recipe is a big challenge, anchoring tradition in today's world, too. By creating Guiss Guiss Bou Bess in 2016, the Senegalese Mara Seck, bearer of the Sabar heritage, his companion percussionist Babacar Diop and the French beat-maker sociologist Stephane Costantini wanted in their wildest dreams to succeed in a bet: to create a " new vision ”, to give one of the most mystical styles of Téranga a new life.


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Their sauce, the electro Sabar, is not simply a mix between ritual percussions and electro, because the three brothers of sounds, like a researcher, respected each song, each code, listened to each drum sound before adding a rhythm from the world: trap, dubstep, UK garage, drum & bass, bass house, afrobass or even kuduro.


To preserve the foundations of the Sabar, the bustling working-class districts of Dakar, such as that of the Medina where Mara grew up, have therefore become the laboratory where sounds and atmospheres are captured, where drums are recorded, where beats are made. .


To give this boiling and sacred sauce the little pepper it deserves, it is the Brazilian producer Chico Correa, expert in the alignment of old and new sounds, who put the final touch to this first disc.


Set Sela, "to visit" in Wolof, a fiery, powerful album which, as the sabar wants it, is above all an invitation to sharing and popular celebration.

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