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Space Galvachers and  Olivier Araste

The modern trance of Space Galvachers was born naturally from the desire to combine their work with their common appetite for traditional African and Creole music.


“It is from this affirmation that the music of Space Galvachers will draw its inspiration and energy. Anchored both in an ancestral sound imagination and in a resolutely urban universe, and served by a unique instrumentarium, the artisanal trance of Space Galvachers naturally combines organic and synthetic, tradition and contemporary to viscerally address our DNA of being vibrant. . "

After a first creation in Congo, the musicians of Space Galvachers wanted to immerse themselves in the cultures of Reunion Island and unite their musical and sound approach.  with the idea of creating an "imaginary and modern folklore" in the service of the Creole language and inspired by the many traditions of Reunion.

Olivier Araste, singer and leader of the group Lindigo . Unmissable character of the island, fervent defender of a maloya open to world music, brought together contemporary and poetic texts for the project. He then let himself be guided, reassured by the mastery of the group, thus increasing tenfold his musical qualities and revealing an extraordinary interpretation,  sweating  of Creole culture enriched by links with Madagascar and East Africa. 

To watch
They programmed them

Periscope / Lyon, France

Festival at Vaulx Jazz / Lyon, France

Detours of Babel Festival /  Grenoble, France

Africolor Festival / Saint Denis, France

Les Bars en Trans Festival / Rennes, France


Artists based in mainland France (3) and Reunion Island (1)

Line up

Olivier Araste  /  vocals, percussion
Benjamin Flament
  / percussion
Clement Janinet
  / violin, fx

Clement Petit  /  cello, fx

Adrian Bourget / sound, electronics

Yo Mang ! (video clip)
Album release in November 2021
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