LiNDiGo, led by Olivier Araste, has been the most popular maloya group for more than ten years.  popular. However, his approach is neither locked in nostalgia nor in the shackles of a sterile memory. The foundations serve the momentum, and the roots build the future. Their motto: "When you know where you're coming from, you know where you're going", their style: Maloya Power. They already have more than 1000 concerts and six albums to their credit. On stage, their jubilant trance, as distinctive as it opens up new horizons, contaminates all audiences.

LiNDiGo celebrated  20 years of career in 2019 with: on the one hand a great creation  LiNDiGo CONNECTION  bringing together 14 artists including Fixi, Yarol Poupaud, Pongo, Jori and Gino from Skip & Die, René Lacaille and on the other the  CD Kosa Néna, dedicated to acoustic maloya and recorded in Paniandy, the stronghold of Lindigo.

Olivier Araste also participates in many related projects. The most emblematic internationally being the Pachibaba group with Fixi and Cyril Atef and the creation  Lo Swar with the Space Galvacher group.

In the summer of 2021, "Les Routes de LiNDiGo", a series of  documentaries for Canal + which, following a film shot in Brazil "Creole Cousins" and another shot in Cuba 'Ahinama ", follow  the group traveling to Japan, Mozambique, South Africa and England. 

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Artists based in Réunion


Olivier Araste /  lead vocals, kabosy, accordion
Aldo Araste /
  piker, balafon, choirs
Frédéric Madia /
  djembe, ngoni, choirs
Jimmy Itema /
  kayamb, keyboard, choirs
Lauriane Marceline /
  singing, kayamb
Mikael Pothin /
  piker, keyboard, sax, backing vocals
Idriss lahimandro /
  roulèr, choirs
Pascal Mariama Moutin /
  charley, sati, backing vocals

They programmed them

Cabaret Sauvage / France

New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival / USA

Colors of Ostrava Festival / Czech Republic

Fuji Rock Festival / Japan

Porto Musical / Brazil

Sakifo Music Festival / Reunion

AWME / Australia

Paléo Festival / Switzerland

Gnaoua Festival of Essaouira / Morocco

Bardentreffen / Germany

Tempo Color / Belgium

Africa Oyé / UK

Roskilde Festival / Denmark

The Old Plows / France

The Suds in Arles / France

Nights of the South / France

Rainforest / Malaysia

Bassline / South Africa

Warsaw Cross Culture Festival / Poland

Havana World Music Festival / Cuba

La Seine Musicale / France

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