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Their name from Greek translates to dreamlike, it sings of their ease in capturing the essence of dreams to offer it to us. They elevate their art towards a shared azure by relying on a perfect assimilation of their cultures of origin. Germinated in Greece, Iran, in Occitan or in France, their roots were enriched with the fruits of adventure in fields of experimentation of a rich variety.

The reunion of Maryam and Bijan Chemirani, Maria Simoglou, Kévin Seddiki, Harris Lambrakis and Pierlau Bertolino is exceptional, because their certain virtuosities merge into a united and dazzling musical wave. Their music flits through the elements and resonates deep within our innermost selves. Questioning the past as well as the future, she gives the present an air of eternity.

Benjamin MiNiMuM

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