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With Nader Mekdachi , loud-mouthed singer and prolific author, 

Jean-Baptiste Laya , virtuoso and lyrical guitarist having accompanied the greatest (Azzola, Escoudé, Lagrène ...)
  Stephen Harrison , the essential, the crazy slapper who stood on a double bass before he could walk.
The three friends have been dating and crossing paths for a long time on various projects.
They are now gathered around the album "Les primitives" released by Hélico in June 2016. In play-list on RFI, FIP and the Fera-rock network.
More elegant, more punchy, more melodic, more essential than ever PADAM promises us hot scenes as the music it offers is generous and catchy. The texts are not to be outdone, earthy, spicy, imbued with this freedom of tone which has made their trademark.

PADAM returns with the most spirited and refreshing album of its career. Three years of preparation, a new team, and guests as if it were raining: Dje Baleti, Fassara Sacko (BKO Quintet), Tom Fire, Myrtille Fakhreddine (the Fairuz of northern Paris) ...

Surrounded by musicians who are accomplices of the song, Nader promises us energized scenes as the cocktail he offers, between Africa and Orient sur Seine, is generous and invigorating. The texts are not to be outdone, earthy, imbued with poetry and this freedom of tone which has made their trademark.


Music as lush as it is dancing and a loud singer, both in terms of the hoarse voice and explosive lyrics. »ROCK'N FOLK

To watch

Artists based in France.

Availablity: on demand

Line up:

Nader Mekdachi / folk guitar, lead vocals, stompbox 

Jean Baptiste Laya / gypsy guitar, backing vocals, tambourine on the foot

Stephen Harrison / bass

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