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The Primitives

With Les Primitives, Padam gives us a festive, alert, lively album, teeming with finds, rhymes and rhythmic flashes tumbling down without warning. A piece of Padam is several ideas thrown in a suitcase, before the escape. Armed with his uninhibited urban poetry, Nader this time further blurs the lines. Texts with more blurred outlines and which give free rein to the imagination of the listener. “My writing is less realistic and supported than before. I wanted people to put in what they want ”. This does not prevent us from rediscovering his exquisite taste for paradox where tenderness, irony and casualness mingle to sketch characters with ambiguous actions and destinies.

We thus meet a wanker persuaded to write the best song on earth, a nonchalant girl who is little aware of his power of seduction, a man who collects objects lost during his night adventures. As for Nadine, an egoistic and lonely thirty-something who had been encrusted in particular on the airwaves of France Inter and RFI at the time of the release of the EP Grand Hotel in 2012, she comes back to the end of her nose, benefiting from the spontaneous participation of Toulousains of Djé Balèti and Malian Fassaro Sacko. Padam devours music. And here, it's just the appetizer. Needless to say, obviously, on stage, his contagious enthusiasm, his ardor and his generosity have little equivalent. You could call it a lesson in sharing.

Habibti Video Clip
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