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Milé Sèk Milé  (June 2015)


In this album, Olivier's voice becomes more personal. More intimate, too. Alive, his heart gives rants and little sorrows; his art recounts his observations on life, his worries, the chronicles, sometimes without tenderness or complacency, of his existence as an artist. Mi Lé Sek Mi Lé ("I am what I am"), the album of maturity? Undoubtedly, Lindigo, facing the mirror, affirms its signature, claims its own spices.

Press extract 

Les Inrocks:  "Sweating, raging, Reunionese music that makes your guts hot. Criticize and listen." (...)  "Successor of the phenomenal Maloya Power (almost three years ago), Milé Sèk Milé continues the work: traditional maloya on the background (the acoustic instruments, the language) but contaminated by the fever of afrobeat and funk"

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RFI:  "The wizards of Lindigo resuscitate the maloya Milé Sèk Milé, album of collective trance. Roots, global, original: three adjectives which perfectly sum up the identity of Lindigo."


Radio Nova:  "I was born maloya, I sweat maloya, I will die maloya. With this sound flowing in my veins, today I express the burden that weighs on my heart" can we hear in the title "Milé Sèk Milé" that inspired the album. A lively, incisive opus, filled with an energy that you cannot refuse! "

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