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Lindigo disque Maloya Power


Maloya Power! (February 2012)

Made by Fixi  

Press extracts:

Nova: "The Maloya is to be discovered urgently for the lucky ones who do not know it yet"

RFI Music:  "From the Indian Ocean, the group Lindigo has landed in Paris to present Maloya Power, their brand new album, which should set 2012 ablaze with its good humor and its 100% contagious rhythms!"

Télérama fff: "A cry launched a cappella, a call to celebration as much as to the awakening of consciousness, soon hammered by an obstinate choir: Bal gayar, the first track, sets the tone for this fourth album, a new identity manifesto of 'a very popular group from Reunion Island "

Mondomix: "Lindigo proves that maloya has the power to transcend Reunion Island's insularity, to travel to Brazil, West Africa or dub."

Domoun video clip

Les Inrocks: "Lindigo embodies the funky new generation of maloya, music endemic to Réunion. Behind the cane fields, the world. (...) The perfect production, both roots and panoramic, makes this record a new one. Reunionese groove stallion. " - Francis Dordor

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Liberation: "A maloya with rebel strength intact, and also open to the world, with sounds borrowed from Madagascar, West Africa, Jamaica or Brazil"

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